Our memory is an important tool for learning. In order to learn skillfully, one must be able to use their memory well. I started to realise this when I read the "Change your brain change your life" book. It explained in detail how our brain shapes our life. Memory skill is one of the many crucial factors to succeed in learning.

These days, it is compulsory for my students to memorise the pieces that they have learned. I have no problem with the younger one, but find it much difficult with the teenager. The teenager one, in certain cases, have not gained the skill to memorise. I usually direct them to "listen to the CD", I have said those words so many times for the last 2 years that now most of my students bring their music everywhere, they listen to the music almost 7 to 8 hours a day and know almost 30-40 repertoires by heart

All and all, listen to music that they will play not only help them developing their memory skill, but it helps the process of learning go smoothly. So "listen to your CD"

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